Hello, my name is Philippe Creux.

I am a Software Developer based in Vancouver, BC. I deeply care about shipping software that’s simple, robust and cost-effective.

I build healthy software at Kickstarter to help bring creative projects to life.

I’ve been sharing my learnings and practices on various blog posts and built several open source projects.

I am currently running the Vancouver Ruby meet-up. Prior to that, I ran the meet-ups Lyon.rb and Agile Valence, hosted the podcast Parlons Ruby and co-organized the Ruby Lyon Conference 2012.

Latest blog posts

Event Sourcing made Simple – April 2018

Five Practices for Robust Ruby on Rails applications – Feb 2016

Be nice to others and your future-self: use Data Objects – July 2015

Weather forecast retrospective meeting – July 2015

Elegant tests with Truth Tables – April 2015

Healthy Codebase and Preparatory Refactoring – November 2014

Gourmet Service objects – April 2014

Latest talks

Event Sourcing made Simple – April 2018, at Conf & Coffee

Oh no Conditionals! (from imperative to declarative code) – March 2018, at VanRuby

Robust Rails Apps – March 2017, at VanRuby

DRY 2.0 – Dec 2016, at VanRuby

Functional Micro Services – October 2016, at Code & Coffee

Gourmet Service Objects – February 2014, at VanRuby

Open source

CSV Importer – CSV Import for humans on Ruby / Ruby on Rails

ActiveAdmin – Administration framework for Ruby on Rails

rspec-set – Speed-up your specs!

jekyll-s3 – Push your jekyll blog to Amazon S3

active_sanity – Sanity check your database

bundler-auto-update – Auto-magi-safely update your Gemfile

git-branch-delete-orphans – Delete orphan branches

Live, free and unmaintained apps

3Smileys – Get feedback on newsletters and emails you send.

bustop.ca – Real-time bus arrivals in Vancouver, BC.

thatz.at/ – Your time in any timezone.


I run VanRuby.

I co-organized the Ruby Conference Rulu 2012.

I ran the podcast ParlonsRuby with Fabien Catteau.

I taught Agility, TDD and Git at the University Aix-Marseille II.

I co-organized the Lyon Ruby Meetups as well as the Valence Agile Meetups.

Around the web

You can find me on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Contact me at pcreux AT gmail DOT com.