Hello, my name is Philippe Creux.

I am a Software Developer based in Vancouver, BC. I deeply care about shipping software that’s simple, robust and cost-effective.

I build healthy software at Zipline.

I’ve been sharing my learnings and practices on various blog posts and built several open source projects.

I am currently running the Vancouver Ruby meet-up. Prior to that, I ran the meet-ups Lyon.rb and Agile Valence, hosted the podcast Parlons Ruby and co-organized the Ruby Lyon Conference 2012.

Latest blog posts

Event Sourcing made Simple – April 2018

Five Practices for Robust Ruby on Rails applications – Feb 2016

Be nice to others and your future-self: use Data Objects – July 2015

Weather forecast retrospective meeting – July 2015

Elegant tests with Truth Tables – April 2015

Healthy Codebase and Preparatory Refactoring – November 2014

Gourmet Service objects – April 2014

Latest talks

Event Sourcing made Simple – April 2019, at RailsConf 2019

Event Sourcing made Simple – April 2018, at Conf & Coffee

Oh no Conditionals! (from imperative to declarative code) – March 2018, at VanRuby

Robust Rails Apps – March 2017, at VanRuby

DRY 2.0 – Dec 2016, at VanRuby

Functional Micro Services – October 2016, at Code & Coffee

Gourmet Service Objects – February 2014, at VanRuby

Open source

CSV Importer – CSV Import for humans on Ruby / Ruby on Rails

ActiveAdmin – Administration framework for Ruby on Rails

rspec-set – Speed-up your specs!

jekyll-s3 – Push your jekyll blog to Amazon S3

active_sanity – Sanity check your database

bundler-auto-update – Auto-magi-safely update your Gemfile

git-branch-delete-orphans – Delete orphan branches

Live, free and unmaintained apps

3Smileys – Get feedback on newsletters and emails you send.

bustop.ca – Real-time bus arrivals in Vancouver, BC.

thatz.at/ – Your time in any timezone.


I run VanRuby.

I co-organized the Ruby Conference Rulu 2012.

I ran the podcast ParlonsRuby with Fabien Catteau.

I taught Agility, TDD and Git at the University Aix-Marseille II.

I co-organized the Lyon Ruby Meetups as well as the Valence Agile Meetups.

Around the web

You can find me on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn and Instagram.