Hello, my name is Philippe Creux. I am a cofounder of brewhouse where I design and build healthy softwares. I organize conferences, meetups, I run a podcast, I contribute to open-source.

Latest blog posts

Healthy Codebase and Preparatory Refactoring - November 2014

In a recent episode of the RubyRogues podcast, Martin Fowler and Jessica Kerr literally spoke my mind. They named two concepts that I deeply believe in and care about: Healthy Codebase and Preparatory Refactoring. The fact that they have expressed them in beautiful words and powerful metaphors enables me to share them with you in this article.

Gourmet Service objects - April 2014

Is your Rails app’s business logic hidden in ugly controllers with 10+ lines long method and fat models powered by Linguini callbacks? Are your tests getting out of control and you spend most of your days looking at green dots? Do you want to impress your coworkers with Unicorn level code? You need Gourmet Service Objects™!

Open source

ActiveAdmin - Administration framework for Ruby on Rails

ActiveAdmin helps you build fully featured administration interface. You can add it to an existing rails application to get a powerful admin UI or build a standalone back office app in days rather than weeks.

rspec-set — Speed-up your specs!

rspec-set speeds up integration specs of ActiveRecord models. It provides a helper called "set" that you use the same way as "let". Under the hood, "set" will setup your active record model once and will take advantage of SQL transactions to rollback all changes made during each test. Your tests are now ubber fast and still running in isolation.

jekyll-s3 — Push your jekyll blog to Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is the cheapest and easiest way to serve a jekyll blog. jekyll-s3 (now s3_website) is the easiest way to push your jekyll blog to Amazon S3.

active_sanity — Sanity check your database

active_sanity provides a Rake task that logs (and stores if you want to) all invalid Active Records your database contain. Run it, fix your records and sleep better at night.

bundler-auto-update — Auto-magi-safely update your Gemfile

bundler-auto-update update all the gems listed in your Gemfile to the latest version that does not break your tests.

git-branch-delete-orphans — Delete orphan branches

git-branch-delete-orphans helps you deleting all those local tracking branches which remote does not exists anymore.


I am one of the guys behind the Ruby Conference Rulu 2012.

I ran the podcast ParlonsRuby with Fabien Catteau.

I taught Agility, TDD and Git at the University Aix-Marseille II.

I co-organize the Lyon Ruby Meetups as well as the Valence Agile Meetups.

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You can find me on Twitter, Github and LinkedIn.

Contact me at pcreux AT gmail DOT com.