Hi, my name is Philippe Creux

I build softwares.

I live in Vancouver, BC.

I work for Brewhouse.

I contribute to ActiveAdmin.

I run the podcast ParlonsRuby with Fabien Catteau.

I teach Agility, TDD and Git at the University Aix-Marseille II.

I am one of the guys behind the Ruby Conference Rulu 2012.

I co-organize the Lyon Ruby Meetups as well as the Valence Agile Meetups.

Blog articles

(My) RSpec Best Practices & Tips

Learn how to organize your specs (using describe, context, subject, let...), make your specs easier to read (using the short versions of it and specify) as well as covering the Valid, Edge and Invalid cases.

(My) Cucumber Best Practices & Tips

Learn to organize your garden, use custom steps to make your scenarios DRY and accessible and discover how Scenario outlines and Multi-line step arguments can make your Scenario super sexy!

How we develop software at VersaPay

Discover our robust Agile process and the tools we created to make it painless and fun!

More articles available on eggsonbread.com.

Ruby Gems

rspec-set — Speed-up your specs!

rspec-set speeds up integration specs of ActiveRecord models. It provides a helper called "set" that you use the same way as "let". Under the hood, "set" will setup your active record model once and will take advantage of SQL transactions to rollback all changes made during each test. Your tests are now ubber fast and still running in isolation.

jekyll-s3 — Push your jekyll blog to Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is the cheapest and easiest way to serve a jekyll blog. jekyll-s3 is the easiest way to push your jekyll blog to Amazon S3.

active_sanity — Sanity check your database

active_sanity provides a Rake task that logs (and stores if you want to) all invalid Active Records your database contain. Run it, fix your records and sleep better at night.

bundler-auto-update — Auto-magi-safely update your Gemfile

bundler-auto-update update all the gems listed in your Gemfile to the latest version that does not break your tests.

git-branch-delete-orphans — Delete orphan branches

git-branch-delete-orphans helps you deleting all those local tracking branches which remote does not exists anymore.

Web app

http://bustop.ca — Real-time bus arrivals in Vancouver, BC.

I wanted a simple & fast web-app to check the next bus arrivals, so I built it.

http://thatz.at — Any time in any timezone

Go to http://thatz.at/2pm to see what 2pm is in other timezones. You could also try http://thatz.at/sat 2pm EST to see what this saturday @ 2pm EST is in your timezone.


TwittyBrite — Display Twitter Messages on a Betabrite Led Display

Plug a Betabrite in your computer and run TwittyBrite with your twitter credentials. All the Direct Messages you receive via Twitter will get displayed on it!

Jabber-SSH — SSH via GoogleTalk

Jabber-SHH allows to you to administrate a remote computer via a command line through a Jabber client. This ruby hack is available as a gist.

I tweet!

I have a Github account...

I have a resume on LinkedIn.

You can contact me at pcreux AT gmail DOT com.